The following information about Texas Oversize Permits is provided solely for reference. Please carefully review your permits and provisions sheets, as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. For questions or assistance, contact the number provided.

Texas DOT #:800-558-9368

Texas Oversize Permits Duration:

Texas Oversize permits are applicable for a duration of three to five days and must be obtained before entering the state.

Operating Time:

Travel is permitted from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, including both Saturday and Sunday. Loads not exceeding 10′ in width, complying with legal height (14′), or measuring 100′ in length with legal front and rear overhang are allowed to travel at night exclusively on the Interstate system. Continuous movement is permitted for overweight loads only.

Restricted Travel:

City and county curfew times are now specified on the permit. Travel on major holidays is allowed, contingent on the load’s dimensions.

Legal Dimensions for Texas Oversize Permits


59′ semi-trailer


  • 2′ front
  • 4′ rear






80,000 Gross

  • Single– 20,000
  • Tandem – 34,000
  • Tridem – 42,000

Call (832) 454-5883 For Permit Consultation

Routine Permit Limits






  • 20′
  • 16′

On Interstate System




  • Single – 25,000
  • Tandem – 46,000
  • Tridem – 60,000
  • Quad – 70,000

Loads exceeding these dimensions are Super Loads.

 Loads surpassing these dimensions are categorized as Super Loads. The state will suggest a route, and we are obligated to conduct a physical survey and provide approval. Super Heavy Loads, defined as weighing over 254,000 pounds or exceeding 200,000 pounds with less than 95 feet of axle spacings, necessitate several weeks for approval.

Texas Oversize Permits

Escort Conditions for Texas Oversize Permits


  • Over 110′ – 1 escort
  • Over 125′ – 2 escorts


  • Over 20′ – 1 escort
  • Over 30′ – 2 escorts (needs special approval)


  • Over 14′ – 1 escort
  • Over 16′ – 2 escorts


  • Over 17′ – 1 escort
  • Over 18’ – 2 escorts

Note: If the load exceeds two dimensions that necessitate an escort, two escorts will be mandatory.


Simultaneous permitting for width and height is not permitted for flatbed loads.


Signs are exclusively required on escort vehicles, and red flags must be placed at all extremities.

Permit Ordering Tips for Texas Oversize Permits:

  1. Utilize the Safe Travel USA website ( for accessing temporary restrictions in many states if you have a computer.
  2. Verify load dimensions by measuring it once loaded.
  3. Ensure legal weights or correct overweight specifications.
  4. Some states mandate a detailed load description (avoid generic terms like “machinery”), including load make, model, and serial number if applicable.
  5. Thoroughly check permits for accuracy upon receipt.