A marsh buggy excavator, featuring a CAT body with attached pontoons, is tailored for efficient operation in wet and muddy conditions. These specialized excavators are transported globally, including extensive use throughout the US and Canada. Notably, they offer the advantage of being easily disassembled into three separate parts for shipping purposes.

The initial component is the excavator body itself. Even though we’ve detached the body from the pontoons, it remains an oversized load, measuring 10 feet in width compared to the full 18 feet when fully assembled. Consequently, it necessitates transportation on a low-profile stepdeck to accommodate its height of 10 feet 5 inches. Additionally, the excavator’s bucket is removed to maintain a low boom position. Extending the boom while retaining the bucket would shift the body farther back on the trailer, potentially causing an over-axle weight issue on the rear spread axles due to its weight of 45,000 lbs.

marsh buggy excavator with chains

Each pontoon is transported individually on a flatbed trailer, accompanied by either the excavator bucket or the excavator counterweights. Both flatbed loads comply with legal dimensions. An occasional challenge in shipping these Marsh Buggies arises when coordinating the oversize and legal loads for simultaneous delivery. This challenge is exacerbated by the frequent need for a crane to unload and reassemble the excavator upon arrival. Due to lane and state restrictions, the oversize load may not always have the same flexibility in movement as the flatbed legal loads. Thus, meticulous planning is essential to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the load.

double marsh buggy excavator

A Marsh Buggy Excavator is similar to a marsh excavator, undergoes a distinctive shipping process. This equipment is transported as a single unit, exceeding standard width at 14 feet 8 inches and surpassing typical height at 12 feet 4 inches. Such shipments mandate escorts alongside permits.

In contrast, the cargo buggy comprises two distinct shipping components. Engineered to split evenly down the middle lengthwise, this equipment is shipped as an oversized load, requiring permits exclusively.