The following information about Alabama Oversize Permits is for informational purposes only. It’s important to always read your permits and provisions sheets carefully as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the following number.

Alabama Department of Transportation: 256-234-4265

Alabama Oversize Permits Duration

The Alabama oversize permits remain effective for a continuous five-day period. Securing the permit before entering the state is of utmost importance.

Operating Time

Oversize vehicles are only allowed to operate during daylight hours, which is defined as one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset, from Monday to Saturday. No travel is permitted on Sundays.

Restricted Travel in Alabama

Oversized vehicles are not allowed to travel on major holidays and holiday weekends.

Legal Dimensions for Alabama Oversize Permits

It’s important to adhere to the legal dimensions set by the Alabama DOT to ensure compliance and safety.


57′ trailers are permitted, but trailers exceeding 53’6″ are only allowed on roads less than 12′ wide. The overall length should not exceed 85′ unless the trailer exceeds 57′.


The maximum overhang allowed is 10′ in the front and 5′ in the rear.


The maximum width allowed is 8’6″, (8’ on lanes less than 12′ wide)


The maximum height allowed is 13’6″.


The gross weight should not exceed 80,000 pounds. The weight limits for single, tandem, and tridem axles are 20,000, 34,000, and 42,000 pounds respectively.

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Routine Permit Limits in Alabama

In certain cases, where the dimensions of the load exceed the legal limits, then Alabama Oversize Permits may be required. Here are the limits for routine permits:

– Length:

The maximum length allowed is 150′, with a maximum overhang of 20′.

– Width:

The maximum width allowed is 16′, but loads exceeding 16′ cannot use the interstate.


The maximum height allowed is 16′.


The weight limits vary based on the number of axles. For example, for 5 axles, the maximum weight is 102,000 pounds, 6 axles weight 124,000, 7 axles weight 146,000, and for 8 axles, the maximum weight is 168,000 pounds.

Loads that surpass these measurements, exceeding 180,000 pounds, are categorized as Super Loads.

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Escort Requirements for Alabama Oversize Load Permits

Depending on the dimensions of the load, escorts may be required to ensure safe travel.


Loads over 90′ require one escort, and loads over 105′ require two escorts. If the trailer length exceeds 57′, one rear escort is necessary.


If the rear overhang exceeds 5′, one escort is required.


If the width exceeds 12′, one escort is required.


If the height exceeds 16′, one escort may be needed. In some cases, escorts may be required at lower heights on certain routes.

Bucket or Blade Rule:

If a bucket or blade protrudes past the sides of the trailer at 12′ wide, one escort is required. However, if outriggers are used to prevent the bucket or blade from protruding, no escort is needed.

Signs, Flags & Lights for Alabama Oversize Load Permits

It is important to properly display signs, flags, and lights on oversized vehicles to ensure visibility and safety.

– “Oversize Load” signs should be placed at the front and rear of any overwidth or overlength vehicle.

– Flags must be placed at the front and rear corners of any over-dimensional load or vehicle.

– Vehicles with over 4′ rear overhang require lights at night. If the overhang exceeds 5′, a permit is needed, and travel at night is not allowed.

– Overheight-only or overweight-only loads do not require sign or flag requirements.

Remember, it is essential to comply with these regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety of your journey. Always consult your permits and provisions sheets for accurate and up-to-date information.